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Xonar Shutters are designed to provide a shutter system that is both visually appealing and easy to install. With an all-aluminium construction, the shutter system is lightweight, for ease of installation in any scenario. Xonar Shutters also have the option for Xonar’s unique self-locking facility that ensures the shutters cannot be lifted yet do not require additional locking systems.

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Xonar’s Self-Locking Technology is an innovative system that means the Xonar Shutter cannot be lifted from any position – even if it’s partially open. This feature removes the need for unsightly and inconvenient manual and electronic locking systems.


Xonar’s unique self-locking technology means that the shutters cannot be lifted from any position. This has a host of benefits, including protecting against the risk of the shutter not being appropriately closed, removing the need for unsightly manual or solenoid locks, and allowing the shutter to be used as the first point of entry.

Xonar Shutter’s 800 Series and 900 Series both have LPS 1175 Certification, ranging from SR2 to SR4. Xonar Shutters have an industry leading range of options within the LPS 1175 certified ranges, including larger maximum widths, external installation up to SR4, perforation at SR2 and SR3, and the ability to house both SR2 and SR3 certified shutters within a structural lintel.

Xonar Shutters are manufactured entirely from high-grade extruded aluminium. Aluminium has several key benefits over steel, including reduced weight and roll zones, improved aesthetics, and a much more comprehensive range of finish types and colours.

The Xonar 800 Series and 600 Series are built-in security roller shutters. Xonar built-in shutters have the option to either house the shutter within a structural lintel, or where structural support is not required, a non-structural PVC box. Integrating shutters into the fabric of a building has a few key advantages, including a less obtrusive appearance, primarily when the shutters are raised, and also enhanced security.

The LPS 1175 Certified shutters within the Xonar range are unique in that they are also certified for external install. This broadens the applications Xonar Shutters can be used on hugely, as most security rated shutters need to be fitted internally to protect the fixings.

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