Stackdoor Curved
Stackdoor Curved

the Stackdoor Curved
security shutter

Stackdoor Curved is the architecturally-intelligent alternative that has the ability to curve in plan to follow building or facade profile. With a small stacking zone at high level and self-locking to prevent lifting, Stackdoor Curved is ideal for automatic revolving door and retail outlets with curved entrances. 

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The technical specifications
stack technology curved stack technology
  • Curved in plan to follow building profile
  • Small stacking zone at high level
  • More than 80% area
  • Large maximum width
  • Self-locking to prevent lifting
approved dimensions approved dimensions
  • Min width: 1000mm
  • Max width: 20000mm
  • Min height: 500mm
  • Max height: 7000mm
  • Stainless Steel or Polyester powder coated to any
    standard Ral/BS colour.
  • High or low duty cycle electrical motors
  • Range of compatible controls including rotary switch, key switch, remote (control) and emergency manual crank
  • Safety on close as assessment directs
typical applications
  • Automatic revolving doors
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Shopping Centres & kiosks
  • Retail outlets with curved entrances
  • Airports & Stations

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