Lightweight system, designed for maximum visibility

Designed to maintain airflow and maximise visibility without compromise on security, Stackdoor is an innovative security system that can be installed into most applications. With the flexibility that allows installations to follow building profiles in a contemporary curved design, Stackdoor technology removes the need for a headbox, requiring only a minimal stack at the top (or bottom) of the curtain.

What Makes Stackdoor Unique?

The innovative pin-to-profile technology and chain drive system used in the Stackdoor system provides self-locking, requires no auxiliary locks and prevents lifting. Stackdoor creates a seamless security solution, perfect for applications including car park entrances, retail outlets and low-to-medium-risk commercial buildings.

Stackdoor key features

Because the Stackdoor stacks rather than roll up like a standard roller shutter, the system can safely achieve unprecedented single-span opening widths. This technology is useful in large, open shop-fronts and any other applications where there isn’t always the option to split the opening.

Stackdoor’s stack and pin technology achieves an 82% free open area. This results in a host of benefits, such as increased airflow for multi-use car parks with ventilation criteria to meet. The high open area also makes Stackdoor ideal for retail applications, as high levels of visibility can be achieved without sacrificing physical security.

Stackdoor has a self-locking system, meaning that it is impossible to lift the curtain manually. This has the dual benefit of both improving the security, as the Stackdoor cannot be left in an insecure position, and also removes the need for ugly and impractical manual and solenoid locking systems.

The stacking technology used within the Stackdoor system means that the space taken up when the Stackdoor is open, is only ever as deep as the Stackdoor itself, and only as high as the horizontal bars on top of each other. This represents a considerable headroom saving when compared with standard roller shutters, making Stackdoor brilliant for applications with limited headroom.

The hugely reduced material usage on the Stackdoor system means the shutter curtain is significantly lighter than an equivalent roller shutter. This, combined with Stackdoor’s unique clip-on guide system, makes Stackdoor a remarkably simple system to install.

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