Ingenious alternative to bulky security shutters

Engineered to offer vastly reduced roll sizes, Vortex represents an ingenious roller shutter system that combines architectural enhancement and manufacturing excellence. Offering vulnerable properties an intelligent alternative to the traditional shutter, Vortex features an innovative lath design which reduces the headroom requirements by nearly 50%.

Radically reduced headroom requirements

Catering for all properties from retail facades to residential garage doors, Vortex requires the smallest headroom requirements compared to any standard security shutter on the market. Using varying lath sizes to reduce the overall roll size, the installation space required for the headbox is radically reduced.

Vortex Features

Vortex Shutters have varying lath sizes, so that as the shutter rolls up, the laths fit over each other snuggly, resulting in a much smaller roll zone than a standard roller shutter; up to 50% smaller in fact! This results in a whole host of benefits, including lower hood-box requirements, larger overall opening sizes, and improved aesthetics.

Vortex shutters include an end retention system as standard, significantly increasing the physical security the roller shutter provides to the property. The end retention system offers resistance against a manual attack attempting to force the lath out of the guides, giving you peace of mind that your property is secure. The system also provides higher resistance against strong winds, for applications such as coastal properties.

Vortex Shutters have the option to perforate the shutter curtain, providing air flow and also visibility through the shutter. This option is useful in applications such as retail, where it is important for the property to be visible even when the shutter is closed.

Because of the fact the Vortex Shutter lath all slot together much more compactly than a standard shutter, the operation of the shutter is much quieter. This feature is a benefit in all applications, from retail to residential, to commercial properties.

Vortex’s market-leading small roll sizes result in much smaller box requirements. Smaller hood-boxes not only increase the range of applications, they also reduce the visual impact of the roller shutter on the property it’s being installed on to.

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