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market-leading innovation in roller shutters

CGT Security are supply-only manufacturers of innovative roller shutters, working with professionals throughout the shutter industry. We provide unrivalled technical support at every stage of the project, from initial product queries to project-specific details at install.

meet the cgt team


CGT Security’s vision is to provide a market-leading range of innovative products that will reflect the team’s experience and enthusiasm to disrupt the market and to commit to the challenge and reward of product innovation and outstanding customer service.

OUR mission

At CGT Security, our mission is to progressively disrupt and drive the security shutter market through product innovation, manufacturing excellence and dedication to outstanding customer service. We challenge boundaries at every level and consistently drive performance that exceeds expectations.

Meet the CGT Team
Roger Humphreys
Managing Director
Duane Humphreys
Commercial Manager
Ronnie Markham
Product Manager
Karol Kosinski
Production Manager
Bruno Martins
Design Manager
Rodney Markham
Development & Standards Manager
Shaun Young
Account Manager
Ann Boardman
Marketing Manager

Xonar Shutters are an innovative range of aluminium security shutters, including shutters certified to LPS 1175. The Xonar range also includes Xonar’s unique self-locking technology.

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Vortex is a revolutionary new roller shutter concept that allows vastly reduced roll-sizes through innovative lath design. Vortex Shutters can also be built-in to a property.

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Stackdoor is a lightweight security shutter that stacks rather than rolls, removing the need for an unsightly headbox and allowing maximum visibility without compromise on security.

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Intimidator Industrial Doors offer a wide range of product configurations for different requirements. Offering certified security accredited to LPS 1175 Issue 8 A1 (SR1) through to D10 (SR4).

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