xonar 843 security shutter
Xonar 843

the xonar 843
security shutter

Xonar 843 is a built-in security shutter with independent certification to LPS 1175 Security Rating 3 (SR3) and SBD. Featuring the unique self-locking technology, Xonar 843 is ideal for first point of entry as the profiles lock the shutter in any stop position. Engineered within the structural lintel. 


The technical specifications
  • Certified to LPS 1175 issue 7 security rating 3 (SR3)
  • Secured by design police preferred specification
  • Independently tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board
self-locking technology self-locking technology
  • No auxiliary locking required manual or electronic
  • Allows external first point of entry through the shutter
  • Unique profiles lock the shutter in any stop position
built-in technology built-in technology
  • Fully structural lintel system built into building construction to support imposed loads
  • PVC non load-bearing box to be incorporated in wall make up
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminium guide profiles recessed into cavity of external wall complete with fully insulated cavity closer
approved dimensions approved dimensions
  • Min width: 1000mm
  • Max width: 6000mm
  • Min height: 2000mm
  • Max height: 10000mm

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